Belfast, ME Deaths 1875

Deaths in Belfast, Maine for the year 1875

Belfast, ME Deaths Jan & Feb 1875


Jan. 3. In Pau, France, Alfred Johnson Monroe, 25, born in Belfast, in 1849 son of the late Dr. Nahum Parker and Ann Sarah (Johnson) Monroe. He graduated at Bowdoin College in 1871, and had just completed his professional studies. He was of much promise, many excellencies of character, and of high moral worth.

11. George Young

12. In Morrill, Sarah A., 33, wife of Isaiah W. Cross, and daughter of the late William W. West, of Belfast.

13. Grace Kimball, infant.

13. Georgie M. Dickey, infant.

16. Rosanna Simmons, 68.

16. Charles R. Thombs, 45, born in Castine. Singularly retired and modest; his generous impulses and kind deeds were appreciated by a wide circle of warmly attached friends. He was well read, and thought deeply in departments of philosophy and science.

16. Alice V. Hall, infant.

25. Infant son of John L. Cook.

28. Charles W. Lane, 11.

Feb. 3. Mrs. Alice Patterson, 90, eldest daughter of the late Col. Jonathan Wilson.

3. Vesta J., S, daughter of Alonzo Shute.

4. Capt. Libbeus Cottrell, 54.

5. Frances J. Bradman, 26.

7. Eugene Thompson, 20.

9. Rowena M., 22, wife of Andrew M. Patterson.

10. Mary Hopkins, 78, a native of Camden.

11. In Manatee, Fla., Capt. Eben P. Blake, 85, formerly of Belfast.

11. Capt. Harrison H. Parker, 40, a native of Winterport.

15. George A. Buzzell, 31.

16. Mrs. L. J. Hartford, 45.

19. Lydia T., 61, wife of Ezra Bickford, and daughter of the late Capt. Nathan Swan.

19. John Whitmore, 75.

20. In St. Louis, T. F. Whittier, 37, son of the late William F. Whittier.

23. Ira O. Collins, 38.

24. George I., 18, son of Isaac Jackson.

26. Kate S., 3, daughter of William Colburn Marshall.

26. Louis, 3, son of James W. Wood.

27. Mrs. Dora Hatch, 70.

27. Mrs. Fannie Winslow, 82.

Necrology: Account of all Deaths which have occurred from 1875 to 1900, History of the city of Belfast in the state of Maine, 1913

Belfast, ME Deaths Mar & Apr 1875


1. Nancy, 69, wife of Thomas W. Cunningham.

2. Lucy A. Beckwith, 18.

4. Ada Cook, 1

5. George Patterson, 79.

5. Maj. Timothy Chase, 82, the oldest Free Mason in the State. He was born in Charlton, Mass., in 1793. In 1818, he settled at the Head of the Tide, and eight years later removed to the village, then so called, and opened a watchmaker's shop on Main Street. In this business and its kindred branches he continued during the remainder of his life. He had a strong taste for the study of natural philosophy, and as a chemist and metallurgist, no one in this region exceeded him. For sixty years he was a prominent member of the Masonic order, and in 1854 was made Grand Master. He was also a Knight Templar and Past Grand High Priest. In reorganization of his long service, the second lodge in this city was named for him. His funeral was conducted by the Grand Lodge.

7. Sarah D. Titcomb, 52, wife of Col. Hiram Chase.

14. In Austin, Texas, Horatio Alexander, 45, formerly of Belfast.

16. In Jacksonville, Fla., Miss Mary D., 27, daughter of Horation Hatch Carter.

18. In Boston, Charles V. Poor, 67, son of the late Dr. William Poor. He was for two years member of the Massachusetts Legislature.


18. Irvin M. Stover, 3.

23. Willie M., 6, son of Asa Abbott Howes.

23. Grace S., 2, daughter of George Tilden Read.

23. Mrs. L. C. (Ellis), 54, wife of Oliver Chase.

25. Mrs. Adeline Linscott, 45.

25. Crosby, 5, son of George A. Beckett.

26. Henry A. Pillsbury, 27.

27. In Brewer, Mrs. Susan W. Burkmar, 84, formerly of Belfast.

28. In City Point, Va., Benjamin H. Banks, 45, son of the late Benjamin Banks and formerly of Belfast.


3. Hannah L., 49, wife of Jeremiah Stover.

4. Seavey, 5, son of the late Stephen S. Lewis.

11. Grace C., 19 months, daughter of George Stover.

16. Miss Josephine H., 30, daughter of Jesse C. Townsend.

17. John R. Robbins, 39, a native of Swanville.

19. Susannah Burnham, 66, widow of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, and daughter of the late John Haraden.

21. Herbert, 16, son of Miles S. Staples.

22. Miss Alice, 18, daughter of Richard Fillmore.

23. In Freedom, Ann, 38, daughter of Samuel Barlow, formerly of Belfast.

25. Michael O'Connell, 58.

29. Drusilla, 27, wife of Fred S. Crosby, and daughter of the late Nehemiah Johnson, of Waldo.

Necrology: Account of all Deaths which have occurred from 1875 to 1900, History of the city of Belfast in the state of Maine, 1913

Belfast, ME Deaths May & Jun 1875


1. Joseph W. Perkins, 55.

6. In Nevada, Cal., Hudson B. Cunningham, a native of Belfast.

18. David Durgin, 69.

18. In Rockland, Abby M., 66, widow of Capt. John Wheeler of Belfast.

22. Sarah Burgess, 70, wife of Joseph Wight, and daughter of John Burgess.

27. James Paul, 70.

29. In Chelsea, Mass., Isaac C. Brown, 69, formerly of Belfast.


1. Desire, 76, widow of Benjamin Curtis.

3. Sarah, 74, wife of Rev. Theodore Scott.

5. Mrs. Mary E. Boulter, 31, daughter of Samuel G. Ellis.

12. Eliphalet Clark, 89.

19. James Durham, 90, son of the late Deacon Tolford, and Jane (Brown) Durham, one of the original settlers. He was born in the log house built by his father on Lot 31, near the house which James Durham occupied at the time of his death. He married (1) Nancy McCrillis; (2) Elizabeth Matthews. Mr. Durham had a wonderful physical constitution. At the age of ninety years his hair retained its natural hue, and his eyes their strength of vision. Within the last two years of his life he cut part of a third set of teeth.


19. Dr. Dolliff, about 60.

26. John Weymouth, 80, formerly of Morrill.

26. In Boston, Jesse Crossman, formerly of Belfast.

27. Larkin Cofran, 60.

29. Asa West, 81. He came here from Merrimack, N. H., in 1801.

30. In Waterville, Hon. Solyman Heath, a prominent lawyer of Belfast from 1831 to 1849.

30. Zimri Bryant, 83.

Necrology: Account of all Deaths which have occurred from 1875 to 1900, History of the city of Belfast in the state of Maine, 1913

Belfast, ME Deaths Jul & Aug 1875


3. Benjamin F. Blackstone, a native of Waldoboro. He was Representative in 1840-41, and for many years Selectman and Sheriff.

7. Spencer, H., 10, son of Spencer Walcott Mathews.

11. Andrew J. McIntyre, infant.

24. Capt. Lorenzo D. Cunningham, 64.

31. In Bradford, Ill., Amelia, 73, widow of James B. Doyle, formerly of Belfast.


8. In Roxbury, Mass., Relief, 66, widow of the late Samuel S. Hersey.

16. Mrs. Frank, wife of Frank Whitmore.

17. In Augusta, Clara Farwell, wife of Milton F. Carter, and a former school-teacher here. She was a native of Unity.

19. Noah G. Prescott, 60, formerly of Searsmont.

19. In San Francisco, Cal., Rufus K., 44, son of Jacob Marriner of Belfast.

24. Willie L., infant son of Dr. Lewis Warrington Pendleton.

30. Mary F. Blake, infant.

Necrology: Account of all Deaths which have occurred from 1875 to 1900, History of the city of Belfast in the state of Maine, 1913

Belfast, ME Deaths Sept & Oct 1875


1. Ralph E., infant son of Clarence P. Patterson.

3. Pamelia, 79, widow of Benjamin Reed of Albion.

8. At sea, Capt. Albert McKeen.

13. Caroline R., 56, widow of William Harrison Conner, and daughter of the late Zacheus Porter, Esq.

16. Frank N., 22, son of David Patterson.

21. Mrs. Carrie E. Spencer, 23, daughter of Lewis C. Smith.

27. George Eben, 1, infant son of C. R. Stevens.

29. Hattie E., 2, only child of Capt. Reuben H. Burgess.

30. Phebe, 82, widow of Luther Smith.


1. Infant daughter of William B. Decrow.

3. Harriet, 78, widow of William Greeley.

6. Capt. William McCarty, 34.

11. Capt. Timothy Warren, 60.

16. Emery, 16, son of William H. Cunningham.

17. Margaret P., 76, wife of Aaron Nickerson.

20. In Chelsea, Mass., Henry G., 16, son of Gilbert Hart of Belfast.

26. Mrs. Ida Carter, 26, daughter of Capt. H. E. Brown.

29. Mrs. Clara Patterson, 52.

Necrology: Account of all Deaths which have occurred from 1875 to 1900, History of the city of Belfast in the state of Maine, 1913

Belfast, ME Deaths Nov & Dec 1875


12. Frank P. Frohock, 22, formerly of Lincolnville.

13. Ralph C., 23, son of William Gardiner.

15. Mary E. Page, 59, formerly widow of William F. Whittier.

24. Julia E. Elmes, 34.

24. Susan, 67, wife of Ephraim A. Pitcher.

26. In Newburgh, William R. Simpson, 78. He was formerly a printer in Belfast, and in 1820 one of the founders of the "Hancock Gazette," the earliest newspaper.


3. Miss Margaret, 24, daughter of Joel Small.

6. Capt. John Toothaker, 45.

13. George Herrick, 74.

14. In Monroe, Israel R. Grant, formerly Sheriff of Waldo County and resident here.

14. In Calais, Dr. Charles C. Porter, 62, son of the late Zacheus Porter, Esq., of Belfast.

15. Sylvia, 69, wife of Benjamin Walker.

16. Sarah E., 33, wife of Allen Mathews.

22. Mrs. Julia A. McLean, 55.

Necrology: Account of all Deaths which have occurred from 1875 to 1900, History of the city of Belfast in the state of Maine, 1913